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Homebody Nomads

Homebody Nomads is my holistic care and wellness space for clergy and creatives. My books for intuitive clarity coaching calls and distance reiki are open.  All sessions are intended to connect you with your higher self for your discernment with The Holy Spirit. 


Holistic Wellness Services

The goals of my intuitive clarity calls are to:

  • help guide you into a deeper level of your own excellence

  • help you to see the full spectrum of your humanity

  • help you discern what you need as you pursue your creative call 

Tools used in this service include readings with Tarot and Oracle cards.

The goals of my distance reiki sessions are to:​

  • clear negative and stagnate energies that limit your creative capacity 

  • raise your creative vibration

  • ground you into your body

Tools used in this service may include the use of crystals and background sounds.

Full Disclaimer: Sessions are not fortune-telling services, nor are they a replacement for cognitive clinical therapy.  While I am an ordained minister in the Baptist tradition and a Christian Theologian by training, I will not debate my methods with misinformed biblical interpretations. All faith and spiritual traditions are welcomed here. All humans are welcome here. Period. 

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