On Juneteenth Becoming A Federal Holiday.

As the decision to make Juneteenth a Federal Holiday moves towards the House and Joe’s desk, I submit these words…

Juneteenth… that’s the best you got, Joe?

But what them student loans do, Joe?

What about the voter suppression, Joe?

What’s the word on the John Lewis Voting Rights Act, Joe?

How about free education for African-Americans and descendants of the plantation, Joe?

Shit or get off the pot, Joe!

We need our debts erased.

We need the wealthy to pay their share.

We need free quality healthcare.

We need HBCU’s to be well funded.

We need America to stop pumping billions of coins into Israel.

We need to bring the troops home, abolish the police, and abolish ICE.

We need the babies out of the cages.

We don’t need to see Juneteenth shirts in Walmart or Target.

We don’t need wyte people throwing cookouts and popping fireworks in the name of our ancestors.

We don’t need another News ABC, 20/20, or Dateline special report to educate people who ultimately don’t give a damn about our existence or humanity.

This is not equity.

This is not accountability.

This is a cop-out and a cowardice coverup for the real problems.

What that Presidential Pen do, Joe?

I know it’s not about to sign THAT.

That’s what I do know, Joe.

**and then, on June 17, 2021, Juneteenth became a federal holiday.


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